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Second only to Nature!

Over 30 years of caring experience!
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Our mission is to produce the best life-like silicone cosmesis or prosthesis for a limb loss amputee. We work with orthotic and prosthetic professionals, world wide, to produce our product. We offer charitable assistance to amputees who have high deductible insurance or no insurance at all.

By custom fitting each unique amputation, we build in comfort and durability.
Click below to see examples of our silicone prosthesis or cosmesis:
  • toes
  • feet
  • fingers
  • hands
  • facials
  • above elbow covering
  • above knee covering
  • Other silicone cosmesis:
  • myoelectrics
  • below elbow covering
  • below knee covering
  • upper and lower leg buildup

  • Each prosthesis is color matched to the patients skin tone, veins, hair, freckles and nails.

    We work hard to have the fastest turn around in the industry.

    We pioneered the process of manufacturing silicone prostheses.
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