We Provide Limb Loss Solutions For Your Patients

We produce the best life-like, custom silicone restoration prosthesis for your limb loss amputee.

Our Mission

  • Our goal at Life-Like Laboratory is to to provide the best service, quality and pricing to your patients who utilize us. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your patient’s life for their silicone restoration prosthesis.

Our Pledge

  • We pledge the¬†fastest possible turnaround. You may send your patient directly to our facility for the fastest, effort free, service.

Why Do Doctors Choose Life-Like Laboratory?

We are set apart from other silicone limb manufacturers for several reasons.
We custom make our products by hand using a high quality process.

Our attention to a closely matched prosthesis to the sound limb is unlike other companies.
The process we follow for fabrication is simply excellent with highly reviewed results. We also make every effort to provide a turn around that is suitable for your patients that are in or out of town.


Our Life-Like Silicone Process

The system we follow to take care of your patients.

4 Benefits to the Life-Like Process

  • Impressions of the patient’s limb are taken.

  • We begin with accurate measurements specific to your patient.

  • Patients sit with an experienced artist/painter at our facility.

  • In-House Color Matching and Painting to Patient’s skin & nails.

Questions about our procedures, or wish to place an order? Please call and ask for our Director of Operations, Crystal Fancher.


  • Write a Prescription for your Patient’s Custom Silicone Restoration Prosthesis.
  • Have your Patient Call to make an Appointment with our Office.

OUR expertS

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more from these answers to questions Doctors usually have. Call us or contact us online to make sure your order process begins correctly.

What information do you need from our office in order to get started?

2 items are required for the process to begin. Your patient’s prescription and your doctor’s clinical notes justifying the patient need for a prosthesis.

How Soon Can My Patient Get an Appointment?

Usually we are available within the next business day for a first consult appointment with your patient.

On average, how long does it take before an order is fulfilled?

3 weeks is our average turnaround time for insured patients, depending on insurance preauthorization time. Self pay patients turnaround time is a minimum of 1 week.