We Provide Limb Loss Solutions For Prosthetist Patients

Your patients will gain a greater self-esteem with a matching limb.

Our Mission

  • Our goal at Life-Like Laboratory is to to provide the best service, quality and pricing to the O&P professional who uses us for their limb-loss patient’s silicone restoration prosthesis.Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your business.

Our Pledge

  • We pledge the fastest possible turnaround!
    You may, in confidence, choose to send your patient directly to our facility for the fastest, effort-free, service.
    We act as a central lab where you do all the billing and we do the impressions and work.

Why Do Prosthetists Choose Us?

We are set apart from other silicone limb manufacturers for several reasons. The first benefit to our small business facility is its ownership by an ABC Certified Prosthetist Orthotist. We custom make our products by hand using a high quality process. Our attention to a closely matched appendage to the sound limb is unlike other companies.

The process we follow for fabrication is simply excellent with highly reviewed results.
We’re local and centrally located to Texas. We also make every effort to provide a turn around that is suitable for those in or out of town.


How To Order

Follow our efficient process.

4 Cornerstones of our Life Like Order Process

  • Accurate & Well-Positioned Impressions

  • Measurements

  • Patient Sheet Order Form

  • Quality Photographs with Color Matching Card

If you have any questions as to our procedures, or wish to place an order, please contact us or call and ask for our Director of Operations, Crystal Fancher.

Watch this Video for Important Techniques & Steps to Follow when Working with Life-Like Laboratory.

Step 1: Download the Life-Like Laboratory Packet

Please download our Prosthetist packet that includes:

  • The Four Cornerstones in the “Life-Like Process”
  • Life-Like Laboratory Impression techniques 
  • Product Description and Procedures

Step 2: Impressions, Measurements & Fill Out the Patient Information Work Order

Take Correct Impressions & Measurements and fill out the Patient Information Work Order Form. Our work is best with the best impressions you send to us.
The Life-Like Laboratory packet is intended to help a Prosthetist complete the necessary steps in order for Life-Like Laboratory to fabricate a quality custom made prosthesis which is identical to your patient’s sound side.

Step 3: Pack and Ship Impressions to Us

Pack your impressions well with bubble wrap packing and the completed Work Order Form.
Our Life-Like Laboratory Color Card Background and Color Samples will be shipped with the wax model we send to you.
 NOTE: Due to internet and computer equipment limitations, it will be necessary for us to mail an original color card to you for a true color match. 

Step 4: Photographs Submission

Follow instructions for photography carefully. 

  • Verify the fit with a wax check, review all aesthetics and take photos of your patient at this time.
  • See Life-Like Laboratory’s Full Packet Background Sheet for details on patient photos and color matching. Remember, we are creating an identical Life-Like prosthesis for your patient. The more detailed and quality the photos, the higher quality and accuracy of the prosthesis.
  • Quality pictures provide us with not only a color reference for fabrication and painting, but they also serve as a visual for our sculptors. The patient’s uninjured limb should be photographed on the Life-Like Laboratory Background Sheet.
  • Please note fingernails and toenails should be unpainted when photographed. Additional photos of both limbs are always helpful. A wide variety of angles and distances provide the technicians with even more reference by which to fabricate the cosmesis.
  • Please inspect the pictures with the patient. When you have chosen the pictures that best represent the patient submit them below. (Alternatively, directly email pictures@lifelikelab.com with the following information.)

Submit Prosthetist Photos

Photographs of patient limbs.

OUR expertS

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more from these answers to questions Prosthetists usually have. Call us or contact us online to make sure your order process begins correctly.

What information do you need from me in order to get started?

Follow the packet directions closely, fill out the forms for your patient work order, and take impressions of your patient.

On average, how long does it take before an order is fulfilled?

On average, an order takes 4 to 5 weeks turnaround time. This includes a 2 week period for sending you our wax model and another 2 – 3 weeks for the final product.

What is the warranty period on the prosthetic?

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty is included for our final silicone prosthetic.