Patients Limb Loss Solutions

We manufacture custom silicone prosthetics in our on-site facility.

Our Mission

  • It is our mission to bring an improved quality of life to all our patients. We partner with each individual to ensure your prosthesis is of the highest level of quality.

Our Vision

  • Provide fabrication for prescription silicone prosthesis and work to refer patients with uninsured limb loss to appropriate channels.


We Assist Amputees

Prescribed or UnInsured? We have options.


How We Work

The process begins with your particular limb-loss situation.

Insured Patients

If your loss is insured we’d be more than happy to assist you to work with your insurance to check benefits, in-network options, or refer you to a network O&P professional near you.
Bring your prescription & clinical notes to Life-Like Laboratory to begin.

Uninsured Patients

If you do not have insurance, we will work with you along with O&P professionals who also are involved in charitable assistance to help limb-loss amputees who need it.

Casting Process

Impressions & measurements are taken by our office first.
We sculpt the limb, and once sculpted into wax the patient reviews and approves.
Changes to the sculpture can only be requested and made at this time, so your review and responses are important.
The sculpture then goes into fabrication and becomes a tinted silicone prosthesis.
Painting to skin tone is the final phase, and is done with color matching in person at our office.

Turnaround Time

Our typical turn around is about 3 weeks for patients using the insurance process, depending on preauthorization. Turnaround time for self pay patients is a minimum of 1 week.

Repairs & Refurbishment

We can also repair and refurbish your prostheses.
Contact us or your original prosthetist for assistance with this service.
We recommend annual refurbishment of your prostheses as this will ensure the longest possible life for your prostheses.

Prosthesis Care

Follow the important Patient Prosthesis Instructions given to you from our laboratory for your prosthesis. Please read and follow our general instructions additionally included here for your convenience.


We are here to answer any questions you have – never be afraid to ask us at Life-Like Laboratory for assistance with your prosthesis limb.