About Life-Like Laboratory

Supporting Limb-Loss

Crystal Fancher purchased the company back from Amelia Warren in 2022 to ensure that Life-Like Laboratory would continue to support limb-loss amputees who desire a silicone prosthesis restoration.

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The Journey

Life Like Laboratory was established in 1980.


Horst Buckner founded Life-Like Laboratory Inc., which became the first successful silicone prosthesis custom manufacturer for amputees.

Early 2008 Crystal Fancher is named Director of Operations.

Director of Ops to Co-Owner

Crystal Fancher became Director of Operations & eventually co-owner in March 2016.

In 2008 Jackie Fancher-Thompson purchased the assets.

Executive Director

In 2008 Jackie Fancher-Thompson, Executive Director of Life-Like, purchased the assets from the Buckner family and formed Life-Like Laboratory, LLC.

In 2019 Amelia Warren Buys Life-Like Laboratory assets and name.

A New Owner

Amy Warren, ABC Certified Prosthetist Orthotist, purchased the company in 2019.
Amy brought 18 years prosthetic orthotic experience to the company. Together with Crystal Fancher, Director of Operations, they grow and support the very unique niche of custom silicone restoration in the diverse prosthetic field.

2022 update

Crystal Fancher purchases.

In October 2021 Amelia Warren passed away and Crystal Fancher purchased the company back from her estate to continue the business.


Locally Owned in Dallas, Texas – Serving Worldwide

Convention Serving the Dallas Texas area community
Crystal Fancher, Director of Operations & General Manager
Amy Warren, CPO, LPO

Dedicated to serving the Dallas and Texas area community.
Crystal Fancher, having many years of combined experience as director and general operations manager, provides an excellent combination for our successes.

Hand Made in Detail

With over 35 years experience in silicone prosthetics, our highly trained technicians and skilled artists provide you with a prosthesis designed to restore self-esteem, confidence and comfort. Each silicone prosthesis is custom designed, colored and fitted for each unique amputation. Our prosthetics are individually colored to match every detail including hair, freckles, veins and nails.


We are an accredited facility with a team of 7 that coordinates with you to create superior color matched custom silicone restoration prosthesis.


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